Disadvantages of commonwealth games

New members must "as a general rule" have a direct constitutional link to an existing member. Why America is not a member of commonwealth country?

Disadvantages of commonwealth games

By Chris Berg Updated November 16, Acting Queensland Premier Andrew Fraser told reporters after the city won the right to hold the Commonwealth Games over the weekend that the economic benefits would be "priceless". Politicians are living in a fantasy land when it comes to the economics of major events.

Evidence that international sporting festivals provide any economic benefit to their host is almost non-existent. The games will discourage as much economic activity in the Gold Coast as they will boost. We have enough serious, scholarly, dispassionate studies of major events to be strident here.

Winning the Commonwealth Games is nothing to celebrate. It is bad news for the Gold Coast. Of course that is not how the Games bid has been pitched to voters. Anna Bligh has argued the bid is "vitally important for the future of the Gold Coast".

According to comments by the bid chair Mark Stockwell late last year, the Games will also create 24, jobs. In Queensland Government press releases, that projection has become a nice round 30, jobs.

One press release is higher again, and weirdly specific: These figures are apparently based on a "feasibility study", which the Government commissioned.

The study is not available for public scrutiny. Humphreys survey the "large and growing" peer-reviewed literature on major sporting events.

There is an overwhelming consensus among academic economists that no tangible economic benefits from subsidising events, stadiums, or sports franchises exist.

In fact, some papers have found substantial losses from hosting these big national or international sport festivals. After all, major events are not all economic boom. Residents stay away; when locals might have gone out for other entertainment, they stay home fearing crowds.

Businesses which cannot take advantage of the visitors see their sales slump. Major events are not even unambiguously positive for the hospitality industry.

One study failed to find any statistically significant relationship between the US Super Bowl — which moves from city to city each year within the same country and provides a convenient natural experiment for major sporting events — and hotel occupancies or retail sales.

Infrastructure gets built, sure, but not necessarily the most useful infrastructure. Events distort spending priorities. Stadiums have only limited uses once the event is over. Every single Commonwealth Games, World Cup or Olympics is matched by a consultancy report forecasting the huge numbers of jobs that will be "created", the flood of tourism which will be unleashed, and the massive infrastructure investment that will be sparked.

The feasibility study came well after. She told parliament in June she had "recently" agreed to commission the study, but the Premier was already talking up all the glorious new jobs it would bring. You might say that was jumping the gun.

It was a study commissioned by a Government for a major event. Of course it was going to find a squillion jobs would be created.

Disadvantages of commonwealth games

Last year the Gold Coast Business News decided the benefits of the Games so concrete, the reverse must be true as well. What happens from now is all very predictable.

Tourism lobbyists will spend the next seven years talking up the event.

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A few years after the Games have ended, and once it is blindingly obvious the influx of long-term tourism dollars has not arrived, they will blame the Government for "failing to capitalise" on the global goodwill. Then everybody will move onto bidding for the next event, armed with fresh new consultancy reports and suffering amnesia.

Such is the fantasy world of major events.Topend Sports is the ultimate sport and science resource, containing comprehensive information about sport, fitness, training, testing and nutrition for trainers, sport scientists and athletes at all levels.

Advantages of olympics 1. Advantages Prestige from hosting the games attracts trade and tourism The facilities which are built for use during the games can be used for the cities population for years to come Businesses in the city see a massive increase in trade during the games (like hotels and restaurants etc) The organisers can try to make a profit out of the gamesDisadvantages It is.

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Geographical and political facts, flags and ensigns of Commonwealth. What disadvantages does the commonwealth games provide for the country hosting the commonwealth games? - A poor country like us should better invest in resolving its huge bunch of problems.

- The income generated from these events will be less than, what would be put into the se events and would be temporary too.

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